"Skunk Soup"

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"Skunk Soup"

Skunk Funk's fourth studio release

Released January 23, 2021

Welcome back to our freakshow! This time, we invite you to join us on our delectable journey as we serve you the musical, culinary gumbo delight...


Skunk Soup!

Presented by Skunk Funk and their evolved 4th wave Alternative Ska style fused with their classic Thrash Funk sounds. The intro track, "Welcome to the Freakshow", alone boasts elements of Hip Hop/Punk/Ska/Funk/Reggae and beyond....

"Money" presents a classic cali roots rock reggae sound documenting our journey on the road as a band, the ups and downs of money, both personal and musical.

Album Credits:

Album Photo: Skunk Funk

Graphic Design: Samantha Soleta



Nick Whitmire/Robert Roses

Esoteric Entertainment

Scott Kaminski

Slapwagon Studios



Pus Cavern Studios

Joseph Johnston

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