"Cirque Du Skank"


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"Cirque Du Skank"

Skunk Funk's third studio release

Released August 17, 2018

This is your official invitation and ticket to the greatest show on Earth.....

Cirque Du Skank!

Presented by Skunk Funk and their evolved 4th wave Alternative Ska style fused with their classic Thrash Funk sounds. The title track alone boasts elements of Hip Hop/Punk/Ska/Funk/Reggae and beyond....

Choose to Ignore presents a classic punk rock sound revamped to modernized political lyrics and balls to the wall dynamics.

Album Credits:

Album Art: Jordan McGrim

Graphic Design: Samantha Soleta

Recording/Engineering: Slapwagon Studios

Scott Kaminski

Slapwagon Studios

Mixing/Mastering: Scott Kaminski



Our brand new 2 song EP and music video is now available on all digital platforms (iTunes, Spotify, SoundCloud, YouTube etc.) 

Come join the circus with us Skunk Army!

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